Under the Hood
How we Handle Payments

How do we Handle Payments?

FOSSBilling does not directly handle any payment processing and card info is NOT stored by FOSSBilling.

Paymnents are processed using third-party payment processors, i.e. PayPal, Stripe, Bitcart.

Currently PayPal and Stripe integrations are working.

The Bitcart integration is also working, and is maintained directly by Bitcart.

You can find a list of working modules here: Working extensions and payment providers (opens in a new tab) and we will keep that updated as more modules are tested and found to be working.

If you need to use another payment processer, then first check the existing issues (opens in a new tab) and either add your comments to an existing request if one exists or start a new issue if not. If you have the ability, then please feel free to build an integration and we'd appreciate it if you would contribute the code back to FOSSBilling.