Customizing FOSSBilling
The Configuration File

The configuration file

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Configuration file for FOSSBilling

The configuration file can be found under /config.php. You can adjust the configuration file based on your preferences. You can also find the example config file with some documentation here (opens in a new tab).

Configuration Parameters

The following configuration parameters are available for customizing FOSSBilling:

Security Options

These configuration options allow you to configure the security options inside of FOSSBilling. The default values are recommended unless they are causing issues.

  • security.mode: Sets the security mode. Available options are strict (default) or regular.
  • security.force_https: Determines whether to force HTTPS connections. Set to true to force HTTPS (recommended) or false to allow HTTP connections.
  • security.session_lifespan: Sets the maximum session lifespan. The default value is 7200 (2 hours).


  • salt: This key is actually used as an encryption key when FOSSBilling needs to perform reversable encryption.

Installation URL

  • url: Sets the full URL where FOSSBilling is installed, including the trailing slash.

Admin Area URL Prefix

  • admin_area_prefix: Sets the URL prefix to access the FOSSBilling admin area. For example, set it to /admin for


  • debug: Enables or disables displaying advanced debugging messages. It is recommended to keep this disabled (false) unless you are debugging issues.

Automatic Updater

  • update_branch: Configures the update branch for the automatic updater. Currently acceptable options are "release" or "preview".

Stacktrace Configuration

  • log_stacktrace: Enables or disables stacktraces when an exception is thrown (requires debug to be enabled).
  • stacktrace_length: Specifies the maximum length of the stacktrace.

Maintenance Mode

  • maintenance_mode.enabled: Enables or disables the system maintenance mode. When enabled, it blocks public access to your website, and API endpoints except the allowed ones won't work.
  • maintenance_mode.allowed_urls: Specifies URLs that are not blocked during maintenance. Supports wildcard matching.
  • maintenance_mode.allowed_ips: Specifies IP/Subnet addresses that are not blocked during maintenance.

Automatic Cron Execution

  • disable_auto_cron: Disables the fallback automatic cron execution when logging into the admin panel.

Default Localization

These configuration options allow you to configure the default localization settings.

  • i18n.locale: Sets the default locale. The default value is en_US.
  • i18n.timezone: Sets the default timezone. The default value is UTC.
  • i18n.date_format: Sets the default date format. Available options are none, short, medium, and long.
  • i18n.time_format: Sets the default time format. Available options are none, short, medium, and long.
  • i18n.datetime_pattern: Specifies a custom pattern for formatting date and time.

Data Storage and Logging

  • path_data: Sets the location to store sensitive data.
  • path_logs: Sets the path to the application log file. (The parameter isn't properly respected by the entire application)
  • log_to_db: Enables or disables logging to the database.

Database Configuration

  • db.type: Specifies the database type. The default value is mysql.
  • Specifies the database hostname. (Usually or localhost).
  • Specifies the name of the database for FOSSBilling.
  • db.user: Specifies the database username.
  • db.password: Specifies the database password.
  • db.port: Specifies the database port. The default value is 3306.

Twig Configuration

  • twig.debug: Enables or disables Twig debugging. Set to true to enable Twig debug mode.
  • twig.auto_reload: Enables or disables Twig auto-reloading templates.
  • twig.cache: Sets the cache directory for Twig templates.

API Configuration

  • api.require_referrer_header: Determines whether all requests made to the API must have the referrer request header with the same URL as the FOSSBilling installation.
  • api.allowed_ips: Specifies the IP addresses that are allowed to access the API. An empty array allows all IPs.
  • api.rate_span: Sets the time span for rate limiting in seconds.
  • api.rate_limit: Sets the maximum number of requests allowed per time span.
  • api.throttle_delay: Specifies the throttling delay in seconds when the rate limit is reached.
  • api.rate_span_login: Sets the time span for rate limiting login requests in seconds.
  • api.rate_limit_login: Sets the maximum number of login requests allowed per time span.
  • api.CSRFPrevention: Enables or disables the usage of a token to protect the system from CSRF attacks.