Customizing FOSSBilling
The Configuration File

The configuration file

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The configuration file can be found under /src/config.php (or just /config.php if you're using the preview artifacts). You can adjust the configuration file based on your preferences.

Configuration keys

  • update_branch - Select the update branch that FOSSBilling will use for the automatic updater. Acceptable options are 'release' or 'preview'.
  • salt
  • url - Full URL where FOSSBilling is installed with trailing slash.
  • admin_area_prefix - The URL prefix to access the BB admin area. Ex: '/admin'
  • debug - Enable or disable displaying advanced debugging messages.
  • log_stacktrace - Enable or disable stacktraces when an exception is thrown (also requires debug to be enabled).
  • stacktrace_length - How long the stacktrace should be.
  • sef_urls - Enable or disable search engine friendly URLs.
  • timezone - System timezone.
  • locale - FOSSBilling locale.
  • locale_date_format - Set default date format for localized strings
  • locale_time_format - Set default time format for localized strings
  • path_data - Set location to store sensitive data
  • path_logs - Set location to store sensitive data
  • log_to_db - Set location to store sensitive data


  • enabled - Enable or disable the system maintenance mode. Enabling this will block public access to your website, and API endpoints except the allowed ones won't work. However, this will not block access to the administrator area.
  • allowed_urls - Don't block these URLs when the maintenance is going on. Supports wildcard (e.g. '/api/guest/staff/*').
  • allowed_ips - Don't block these IP/Subnet addresses when the maintenance is going on. Supported formats:„ÄĀ127.0.0.1/32.
  • disable_auto_cron - FOSSBilling will automatically execute cron when you login to the admin panel if it hasn't been executed in awhile. You can disable this fallback here.


  • type - Database type.
  • host - Database hostname.
  • name - The name of the database for FOSSBilling.
  • user - Database username.
  • password - Database password.
  • port - Database Port.


  • debug - If debug mode should be enabled for Twig.
  • auto_reload - If Twig should try to detect changes to files & clear cache automatically
  • cache - Path to the twig cahce.


  • require_referrer_header - If all requests made to the API must have referrer request header with the same URL as the FOSSBilling installation
  • allowed_ips - Empty array will allow all IPs to access the API
  • rate_span - Time span for limit in seconds
  • rate_limit - How many requests allowed per time span
  • throttle_delay - Throttling delay
  • rate_span_login - Time span for limit in seconds for login attempts
  • rate_limit_login - How many login requests allowed per time span


  • user_agent - Defines the user agent for guzzle requests
  • timeout - Timeout for guzzle to use when making requests
  • upgrade_insecure_requests - If guzzle should upgrade insecure requests to use SSL