Features & Functionality

Features & Functionality

This list is still incomplete! If something isn't listed, that may not mean that FOSSBilling doesn't have support for it.

This page provides an overview of all functionality and if it is or isn't implemented in FOSSBilling. If you see something that's unimplemented and you'd like to have it added, consider contributing to the project!

Currency Support

Multi currency supportSome various limitations such as with currency formatting. General improvements are planned long-term.
Automatic exchange rate syncingAutomatically enabled for new installations. Supports ExchangeRate-API (opens in a new tab), Currency Data API (opens in a new tab), and currencylayer (opens in a new tab) for exchange rate data sources.

Security & Anti-Spam

Note: Many of the following require the "SpamChecker" module to be installed and must be configured under it's settings.

IP Address blocking
reCAPTCHACurrently only v2 is supported. Support for more providers and versions is planned.
"Stop Forum Spam" integration
Disallowing temporary / disposable email addresses from being usedUses the great FakeFilter (opens in a new tab) project as a large, reliable list of temporary email address domains to filter out.
MFA/2FAMFA/2FA support is considered a prerequisite before FOSSBilling reaches version 1 and is officially considered production-ready.
Activity logs
Session hijacking preventionThis is not an advanced implementation and leans towards not causing issues rather than being easily triggered.
Session age limitsDefaults to 2 hours and may be adjusted via the configuration file.
Restricting staff member logins to certain IP addressesThese are set via the "staff" settings. Be very careful as this may lock you out of the administrator panel.
FOSSBilling version-related alertsFOSSBilling will periodically query our "Central Alerts" API (opens in a new tab) and will warn the administrator about major issues with the current version (such as a vulnerability).
CSRF preventionMay be disabled via the configuration file.
Staff member permissions
AbuseIPDB integration

Hosting Functionality

Automatic hosting provisioning
Account suspension / cancellationAt the moment, the cancellation reason isn't forwarded onto the control panel.
1-click logins for clientsNot supported by all server managers.
Custom domain via updated name severs
Registering domains alongside a hosting order

Domain Registration

Domain-specific pricingPresently domain prices are set per TLD.
Changing name severs
Modifying contact information
Domain transfers
Domain locking
Privacy controls
Per-TLD information requirementsThis refers to requiring additional information from a client for certain TLDs which may have legal requirements. In some cases an error can be thrown and the client can specify the info in their profile, however in other cases TLDs may be unregistrable within FOSSBilling.
DNS Management

Core Functionality

Network interface selectionIt's up to individual modules to respect the specified setting. All FOSSBilling ones should do and if they don't it's then a bug, however we can't force a module built by a community member to use the correct interface & if one doesn't the developer needs to address it on their end.
Theming support
EmailingOnly one outgoing email address can be configured.
Usage based pricing
One time purchase pricing
Recurring purchase pricing
Promotional codes / discountsSome general limitations and less advanced than other options that may be available.
Translation support
Timezone supportTimezone is presently set system-wide, although we do hope to have per-client timezones as an eventual option.
File attachments
Virus scanning for attachments
Exports / system backups
Import / backup restoration
Custom email templates
Automatic system updatesFOSSBilling can self-update, however it will not do so automatically and requires you to start the process.
Built to be modularFOSSBilling allows you to install unofficial themes, modules, payment gateways, server managers, domain registrars, and more.
Date / time internationalization
Bulk send emails to clientsUsing the "Massmailer" module, you can queue emails to large groups of clients based on groupings, orders, statuses, and more options
Referral system
Automatic language selectionAutomatically selects the best language for a visitor using the Accept-Language header
Email attachments

Ticketing / Helpdesk

Client tickets
Guest tickets
Email notifications
Automatic ticket closure
Direct replying to emailsThis refers to a client's ability to respond to an email and have it be picked up by FOSSBilling. At the time of writing, FOSSBilling has no way to read from a mailbox.
Ticket attachments


PDF Support
PDF CustomizationUses Dompdf (opens in a new tab) to generate a PDF off of HTML, which has limited CSS support.
Translations in PDFsPDFs should automatically be generated in the currently selected language.