Securing FOSSBilling

Securing FOSSBilling

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Out of the box, FOSSBilling will have all of it's security features enabled and set to their maximum options. If needed, they can be configured to be more relaxed, but the recommended option is to leave them at their default

  • Security mode:
  • Starting with version 0.2.4, FOSSBilling will add a new setting to the config.php file called 'security_mode'
    • 'regular' will allow HTTP connections and use the default cookie settings for your server
    • The default setting will be 'strict' which will do the following:
      • Automatically redirect to HTTPS
      • Only send cookies over a secured connection
      • Cookies will have their samesite option set to 'strict'
      • Cookies will have a maximum lifespan of 2 hours.
  • CSRF Protection:
    • FOSSBilling protects it's API against CSRF by utilizing a token system
    • This protection can be disabled by setting the CSRFPrevention setting in your config.php file to 'false'
      • The token is required for all API requests except:
        • When using an API token
        • When making a call to the guest API

Hosting Environment

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  • Ensure you have a valid SSL certificate configured on your web server with the latest version of TLS enabled.