Migrate from BoxBilling

Migrate from BoxBilling

A more complete migration guide is in progress. At this moment there are no major breaking changes between the last BB release and current FOSSBilling preview builds and you should not have any problems if you follow these guidelines.

Please note that some legacy BoxBilling features, most notably forums have been deprecated in FOSSBilling (as well as in the latest BoxBilling releases). Although forum posts and user information will remain in the database after migration, they will not be displayed in any way in the new installation.

See the changelog (opens in a new tab) for more complete info.

The FOSSBilling project was forked from BoxBilling in 2022. FOSSBilling aims to provide a more stable and secure open source billing platform with a clear roadmap and more transparent governance.

If you are currently using BoxBilling and want to migrate to FOSSBilling then you can, and we aim to make the process as simple and painless as possible.

These instructions assume that you are using the latest version of BoxBilling ( If you are using an older version then it is highly recommended to update your install before migrating.


Before you do anything, make sure that you do a full backup (or two) of both the database and all files in your current BoxBilling installation.

Not doing so will leave you with no way to restore your data if something goes wrong.

Download the latest release

Download the latest release of FOSSBilling using this link: Latest Stable Release (opens in a new tab)

Prepare your existing installation

We have slightly changed our theming system. If you are using a custom theme for the client area, you will need to make some changes on it to get it working with FOSSBilling. A guide for that is on the way.

Until then, join our Discord server (opens in a new tab) to get help.

Make a full backup of your database and all of the existing files and folders in your BoxBilling install.

Remove the 'bb-vendor' and 'bb-themes' folders.

Upload and extract the FOSSBilling files

Upload and extract the contents of the preview build archive over the files in your existing BB install.

Set up the configuration file

You can either do this using either of the following methods:

  • Recommended: log into the admin panel, go to the "Update FOSSBilling" and use the "Migrate configuration" tool.
  • Not Recommended Rename 'config-sample.php' to 'config.php' and then copy the values from your old configuration file (database name, etc.) into the new configuration file.

Run foss-update

Run the foss-update.php script.

Remove the installer files

Delete the 'install' folder and all of the files inside it.