Migrate from BoxBilling

Migrate from BoxBilling

Please note that some legacy BoxBilling features, most notably forums have been removed in FOSSBilling. Although forum posts and user information will remain in the database after migration, they will not be displayed in any way in the new installation.

See the changelog (opens in a new tab) for more complete info.

Interested in the differences between BoxBilling and FOSSBilling? Our FAQ (opens in a new tab) covers why FOSSBilling exists and some of the more important differences between the two.

Updated system requirements

FOSSBilling has evolved significantly since forking from BoxBilling and as part of that, the system requirements have changed. We suggest reviewing the documented system requirements (opens in a new tab).

Migration instructions

Before you do anything, make sure that you do a full backup (or two) of both the database and all files in your current BoxBilling installation. Not doing so will leave you with no way to restore your data if something goes wrong.

The migration has last been tested going from BoxBilling version to FOSSBilling version 0.5.6. Things should still work without any issues going to a version of FOSSBilling that's newer than 0.5.6, however you should expect issues if updating from a version of BoxBilling older than If you are running an out of date version of BoxBilling, you should first create a backup and then update to the most recent version to ensure things go smoothly.

Due to the importance of a smooth migration, we suggest first cloning your BoxBilling instance and doing a test migration on a separate instance of it. Doing so will give you the opportunity to uncover any potential issues or misunderstandings with the process so the actual migration goes as smooth as possible with minimal downtime.

Breaking changes

Please note, FOSSBilling has made significant changes since forking from BoxBilling, it is very likely that all custom themes and modules will no longer work without being updated first. We recommended reading the changelog (opens in a new tab) to review "breaking changes".

Download the latest release

Download the latest release of FOSSBilling using this link: Latest Stable Release (opens in a new tab)

Prepare your existing installation

Themes created for BoxBilling will not function inside of FOSSBilling and need to be manually ported to be compatible with FOSSBilling.

  1. Make a full backup of your database and all of the existing files and folders in your BoxBilling installation.
  2. Remove the 'bb-vendor' and 'bb-themes' folders (create a backup of your theme if you are using a custom theme).
  3. Rename the following folders and files to remove the bb- prefix:
    • bb-data -> data
    • bb-library -> library
    • bb-locale -> locale
    • bb-modules -> modules
    • bb-uploads -> uploads
    • bb-config.php -> config.php
  4. Delete the following files:
    • bb-cron.php (you will need to update your cron job to point to cron.php)
    • bb-di.php
    • bb-load.php
    • rb.php
    • bb-ipn.php
    • bb-update.php
    • You should also delete all files and folders under data/cache

READ THIS: In the process of updating the folder structure, bb-ipn.php has been renamed to ipn.php. If at all possible, you should create a virtual alias from bb-ipn.php to ipn.php on your server. If you cannot do this, you must create a copy of ipn.php and name it bb-ipn.php for old subscriptions to continue to function.

Upload and extract the FOSSBilling files

Upload and extract the contents of the preview build archive over the files in your existing BoxBilling installation and replace any existing files.

Remove the install folder

Delete the 'install' folder and all of the files inside it. Since you already had BoxBilling installed, you will not need to go through the FOSSBilling installer again.

Migrate the configuration file and Database

  1. Edit your config.php file and update all references of /bb-data/ to /data/.
  2. Navigate to to use FOSSBilling's backup patching method. This will automatically migrate the configuration file and database to be compatible with the current versions of FOSSBilling.
  3. After migration, you may need to edit your config file and re-configure localization settings such as the timezone as FOSSBilling has changed how those are stored. Defaults will be used in place of the original.
  4. You may need to open your database, find the setting table, and then manually update the configured theme to be huraga.