Maintaining FOSSBilling
Updating FOSSBilling

Updating FOSSBilling

Before you do anything, make sure that you do a full backup (or two) of both the database and all files in your FOSSBilling installation.

Not doing so will leave you with no way to restore your data if something goes wrong.

There are two main ways to update FOSSBilling: manually or automatically.

Using the Automatic Updater (Recommended)

  • FOSSBilling can handle the update process automatically for you. This can be accessed by logging into your admin panel and going to extensions --> overview --> Update FOSSBilling.
  • This will update FOSSBilling using whatever branch is set in the configuration file. (preview or release)
    • The default option for this configuration will depend on if you have installed a preview or a release version of , but it can be changed at anytime. (more information can be found on the config documentation (opens in a new tab))

Manually Updating FOSSBilling

  1. Download the latest version of FOSSBilling (opens in a new tab)
  2. Extract the latest release on-top of your existing installation, overriding existing files
  3. Run
  4. Log in to the admin panel and go to extensions --> overview --> Update FOSSBilling. Then run the Migrate configuration option to ensure your configuration is up-to-date.