Working Extensions and Payment Modules

Working Extensions and Payment Modules

Also take a look at the Extension Directory (opens in a new tab) where you can find more extensions and payment modules. We are working on making it as complete as possible.

You can then download and install extensions from the extension directory directly in your FOSSBilling installation.

List of Payment adapters

Payment AdapterFeaturesDeveloperStatus
Single PaymentSubscriptions
RazorpayAlbinvar (opens in a new tab)Production*
PayrexxJaap Marcus (opens in a new tab)In Developent
MollieFOSSBilling (opens in a new tab)Production*
UddoktaPayUddoktaPay (opens in a new tab)Production*
BitcartBitcart (opens in a new tab)Production*
  • Keep in mind, that FOSSBilling is currently considered pre-production software. While we are working hard to make it production-ready, we do not recommend using it in production yet.

See this issue on github (opens in a new tab) for more information regarding plans for Payment Adapters.

Registration modules

How do I get my extension listed in the Extension directory?

You can create a PR here (opens in a new tab). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Team.