Server Managers in FOSSBilling
Other Server Managers

Current stance on other server managers

At this time, FOSSBilling supports CWP (opens in a new tab), Plesk, DirectAdmin, HestiaCP (opens in a new tab) and WHM/cPanel (opens in a new tab), as server managers.

While we have received requests for support of other server managers, we are currently focusing on improving the stability and usability of FOSSBilling before adding support for additional server managers.

We appreciate your interest in FOSSBilling and welcome contributions from the community. If you are interested in contributing to FOSSBilling, check out visit the contribution handbook (opens in a new tab) for more information.

Proxmox VE Support

There is work being done to build a really great Proxmox module for FOSSBilling, however it is not yet complete and is not ready for live testing. If you are a developer and want to contribute or simply want to follow the progress for the module, you can do so from the Github repository (opens in a new tab).

Often requested server managers

Please see this github Issue (opens in a new tab) for a list of server managers that have been requested by the community.

Special Mentions


FOSSBilling does not support Pterodactyl. At this time, we want to focus on improving the stability and usability of FOSSBilling. While we receive a lot of requests for a Pterodactyl module, we have no plans to develop or support one now or in the foreseeable future.